At Wrexham paint stripping, we use a varialty of methods to remove paint from most items, most people think we just do door stripping.

We can strip anything and re-coat them if required, here is just a small list of what we can do.

  • Doors - pine, oak, metal etc - Removal and Re-fit service available.
  • Cast iron fire places
  • Radiators - Cast iron and modern
  • Car parts - vintage car parts, rust removal and powdercoating
  • Metal - all types blasted, cleaned painted or powder coated.
  • Oak beams - blasted with recycled glass media for a clean new look
  • Welsh dressers
  • Wardrobes
  • Chest of drawers
  • Barns
  • Sand stone walls and buildings
  • Paths, walkways and driveways

door strippingThe list is endless as to what we can strip, deploying a variety of methods for stripping and paint stripping and rust removal depending on the item, we have caustic dip, chemical peeling, blasting booth with metal shot, glass and other mediums depending on the item to be blasted.

There are items which cannot go into the dip for example Aluminium, oak with nails in etc, and these have to have special care and treatment, so that's exactly what we do, with solid oak beams for example they will get blasted with a fine glass medium and come up looking like new but retaining the characteristics of the grain and the old style of the beam.

Mobile blasting facilities for oak beams, sand stone, walls, graffiti removal and all items that can't be easily removed and brought to us is available and we can travel to where ever required.

We have worked all over Wrexham, Chester, North Wales and the North West, cleaning and making good aged wood, stone, metal, buildings and all manner of items.

cast iron fire place before and after

Please contact us should you have any enquiries about our services, we give straight forward and honest advice.