Sand blasting, or to give it it's correct name Media Blasting, due to the fact cannot use sand anymore due to the health risks, is the process of removing old paint, debris or dirt from an object from small parts to houses to bridges etc.


Wrexham and Chester sandblastingWe use a variety of different media's depending on the job in question, solid metal objects for example gates, railings, chassis's, wheels etc will have a metal shot to remove all paint and rust back to good metal where we can then powder coat the piece if required.

But other things like the sand stone building pictured below we use a fine-medium grade recycled glass media which is none harmful.

We have our own self contained blasting booth, which uses metal shot and can blast anything inside up to 7 meters long and 4 meters wide, anything bigger like cranes, articulated lorries etc get done outside using medium grade glass from recycled bottles, this is harmless to wildlife and bio-degradable as it's often used as a filter medium.

We also have a mobile blasting unit which caters for all outside or on-site work including barges, boats, houses, barns, old oak beams, graffiti removal to name but a few.

We have also created mock Tudor beams by "edging" timber then blasting into the grain to make it look like an original old Tudor beam, which looked absolutly perfect when installed next to the old original pieces.


One of the nicest jobs we have is the renovation of stone work and sand stone building cleaning work, this is normally done on a nice sunny day and always looks good when finished, the results really do speak for themselves.

Wrexham sand blasting