wrexham door strippingDoor stripping is becoming ever more popular, with it becoming harder to get solid pine doors, people are using reclaimed doors or having the paint removed from their old doors.

Wrexham door stripping have the facilities to do this with ease and care.

Old vintage doors from the 40's and 50's seem to be the most popular at the moment and are normally pitch pine, the process is easy using our dipping tanks and then a quick rinse down and the doors are taken back to the original wood.

It became popular in the 60's and 70's to paint all the doors in either emulsion or gloss paint, and over the years doors would have numerous colours and coats applied, building up a thick multi coated door which never really looks the best.

Our process eats through all the differnt coats of paint, colours and types of paint to get back to the original look where upon the door can be stained or varnished to keep the grain and pattern of the wood.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for door stripping or paint stripping services.